El Jolgorio Todos Santos Mezcaleros Set Arroqueno/Tobasiche


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Size: 2 X 750ml

Agave: Arroqueno and Tobasiche

Village: Arroqueno (Lachigui, Oaxaca) / Tobasiche (Agua del Espino, Oaxaca)

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: Arroqueno (55%) - Tobasiche (52%)

Master Distiller: Arroqueno (Pedro Vazquez) - Tobasiche (Pablo Vasquez)

This is one of if not the most special bottles of Mezcal we have had the honour to come across and offer to our clients. A celebration of life and death in honour of Dona Crispina Cortes, the matriarch of the Cortes family, producers of El Jolgorio and Nuestra Soledad Mezcal and true guardians of the spirit and it's traditions.

About this Mezcal Set.

A TRIBUTE TO OUR LOVED ONES - At Casa Cortes we celebrate life and venerate the death of our loved ones. In honour of our traditions, we pay a special and affectionate tribute to Dona Crispina Hernandez Romero. In life she was a Maestra Mezcalera, A loving mother and grandmother, She was one of the most important members of the Cortes family. She leaves us her wisdom, love and values. Her teachings and nobility will live on in the heart of each family member.

Dona Crispina devoted herself earnestly to the care and preservation of the sacred maguey, in this same way she cared about the well being of her children and family. She passed on her knowledge and respect for Mezcal and its heritage. Her influence is at the heart of Casa Cortes and its dedication to maintaining the values and traditions of mezcal production.

Casa Cortes is proud to honour the life and legacy of Dona Crispina with two special edition bottles. The artwork was specifically created for the occasion and each limited release mezcal is made by two of Casa Cortes’s Master Mezcaleros