El Jolgorio Special Edition Karwinskii 2018 Vintage


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Size: 750ml

Agave: Karwinskii, Age 13 years

Village:  Santa María Zoquitlán 

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: 50.5%

Batch Size: 200 Bottles 

Master Distiller: Ignacio Parada

Distillery Name (Palenque): Zoqui 

Each batch/vintage of El Jolgorio expression may very slightly in the above information. Please contact us if you have any enquiries about a specific harvest.

El Jolgorio has crafted this special batch Karwinskii Mezcal as part of their limited edition release of Artisanal Mezcales. The Special Edition releases of El Jolgorio showcase limited, small-batch production of Mezcal produced from extremely rare, 100% wild Agave varietals. 

El Jolgorio Karwinskii is the latest addition to the limited release range of El Jolgorio's in Australia. It is the only batch ever imported into the country and was a production of only 200 bottles.  The batch has been produced by Ignacio Parada, an extremely experienced Maestro Mezcalero who is renowned for his work with wild Agave varietals. Karwinskii grows a tall and slender, upright trunk with crowns of thick, sharp and pale green Pencas. This Agave varietal typically results in a vegetal, green and mineral forward Mezcal with subtle spice notes.

Through this Mezcal you can sense the spirit of the Maestro Mezcalearo (Master Distiller), his village and Palenque (Distillery). 

"As a mystical drink, our artisanal Mezcal offers you an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on the soul. Salud and Dixeebe!" - El Jolgorio