Tio Pesca Mezcal Travell Kit (Ancestral)


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Tio Pesca Mezcal Travell Kit (Ancestral)
Tio Pesca Mezcal Travell Kit (Ancestral)

Size: 4 x 100ml

Agave: Mexicano, Tobala, Arroqueno, Coyote

Village: Sola de Vega

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: 47%

Master Distiller: Fernando Mitra

Distillery Name (Palenque): Santa Sabia

A travel kit unlike any other!

The Tio Pesca Travel kit is designed for those that are constantly on the go yet with Mezcal always in their mind. A kit of 4 x 100ml ancestral Mezcales from the Sola de Vega region in Oaxaca, distilled by Masetro Mezcalero Frenando Mitra. 

The Tio Pesca Travel Kit also includes very special guide, "Tio Pesca's Guide, the spirit of Mezcal" which includes a brief history of Tio's (Juan Carlos) experience with Mezcal,  information on Agave nutrition as well as an explanation on the different chemical compounds found in Mezcal and the effects it has in our brain and bodies resulting in different states of mind. Last but not least, a Spotify playlist scan code to match each species of Agave to it's on style of music which according to Tio Pesca, fulfils the Mezcal drinking experience.

Coyote, Tobala, Arroqueno and Mexicano Agaves make up this outstanding line-up of ancestral Mezcal produced with techniques from hundredths of years ago aiming to preserve the traditional way of producing Mezcal.

Wild Agaves from Sola de Vega that are sourced from the various terrains and altitudes on which each of these Agaves thrive, always keeping in mind the sustainability of each species, Tio Pesca and his amazing staff are constantly investing in collecting Agave seeds from all over Oaxaca and planting them in trays at their headquarters in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Once the Agaves grow a certain size they're transported back to Oaxaca and re-planted in each Agaves natural environment and altitude to maximise it's survival opportunities.





Tio Pesca Mezcal Travell Kit (Ancestral)
Tio Pesca Mezcal Travell Kit (Ancestral)