Bozal Tepeztate


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Size: 750ml

Agave: Tepeztate

Classification: Artesanal

Village: Santa Ana del Rio

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: 45%

Master Distiller: Honorato Cruz Molina

Distillery (Palenque): NOM-O472X


Agave Tepeztate grow to an impressive size, thriving in the wild along cliff faces and steep,  rocky ledges.  It can take up to 25 years to reach full maturity. At the end of its lifecycle it shoots up an impressive Quiote full of yellow flowers. Tepeztate Mezcal is a bright and bold Mezcal; it boasts of vegetal, earth, floral and cacao notes. 

Bozal is a family produced Mezcal. The families behind each production  comes from a rich heritage of creating Mezcal; most are now in their 4th generation. Even within the Bautista family (main Maestro's producing for Bozal) the wife of Don Bautista (matriarch of the family and a lover of Mezcal herself) gets involved in the process, checking part of the fermentation and distillation. Mezcal is such an integral part of the lives of the Bozal Mezcaleros and families that even the son in law and cousins are involved in production; some family members were even able to return back to their home town to be involved after having to work in the U.S. Majority of the Maestro's and families speak Mixteco, an indigenous language of the region which is even rarer to come by than the Zapotec dialect. Therefore, they say Salud or Ko'o (drink) rather than Dixeebe. 

 "On the steep precarious hillsides of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Durango varieties of agave, indigenous to the region, grow wild and are heavily sought after by the local mezcaleros. These varietals produce flavours that are exotically intense, with rich earth tones and savoury smokiness. From the heart of the maguey these flavours are traditionally extracted to produce mezcal that is wildly refined. Because we at Bozal believe that something wild produces a far richer spirit."

- Bozal Mezcal