El Jolgorio Special Edition Sierrudo (2018 Vintage)


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El Jolgorio Special Edition Sierrudo (2018 Vintage)
El Jolgorio Special Edition Sierrudo (2018 Vintage)

Size: 750ml

Agave: Sierrudo, age 13 years

Village:  Santiago Matatlán

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: 50.3%

Master Distiller: Pedro Vásquez

Distillery Name (Palenque): De Cortés

Each batch/vintage of El Jolgorio expression may very slightly in the above information. Please contact us if you have any enquiries about a specific harvest.

El Jolgorio has crafted this special batch Sierrudo Mezcal as part of their limited edition release of Artisanal Mezcales. The Special Edition releases of El Jolgorio showcase limited, small-batch production of Mezcal produced from extremely rare, 100% wild Agave varietals. 

This release of El Jolgorio Special Edition is particularly special as it is hand-crafted by Maestro Don Jose himself, the oldest living member of the Cortés family and the inspiration for the entire El Jolgorio range who now only produces on special occasions. Agave Sierrudo is rarely used in Mezcal production, it takes between 13-15 years to reach full maturity and grows to enormous size; much like Agave Arroqueno of which it is closely related to. Sierrudo has a high concentration of sugars, meaning a single agave can yield around 20-25 bottles of mezcal. Agave Sierrudo is also closely related to Agave Sierra Negra and Coyote. The agaves for the introductory release (ed. 1) were cultivated in a wild environment (i.e. semi-cultivated) in Agua del Guaje, San Pedro Lachigoba, San Carlos Yautepec. The only batch ever imported into Australia is this one and it was a production of only 400 bottles. 

Through this Mezcal you can sense the spirit of the Maestro Mezcalearo (Master Distiller), his village and Palenque (Distillery). 

"As a mystical drink, our artisanal Mezcal offers you an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on the soul. Salud and Dixeebe!" - El Jolgorio



El Jolgorio Special Edition Sierrudo (2018 Vintage)
El Jolgorio Special Edition Sierrudo (2018 Vintage)