Lagrimas De Dolores Castilla (Vintage Label)


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Size: 700ml

Agave: Castilla

Village: Mezquital

State:  Durango, Mexico

ABV: 47%

Maestro Distiller: Fabiola Ávila Valenzuela 

Distillery Name (Palenque): Hacienda Dolores

This is the last bottle available in Australia featuring the original Lagrimas De Dolores Castilla label which arrived in 2015. If you're a collector of Mezcales, you don't want to miss this one! If you've had the pleasure of trying this anywhere, you'll also know it's an incredible Mezcal. 

Agave Castilla is one of the largest species of Agave in existence, sometimes growing as tall as two and a half meters. This Agave has been cultivated in the Southern parts of Mezquital Municipality, mainly from the autonomous indigenous community. The Agave used for Lagrimas De Dolores Castilla comes from the village of Huazamota. It takes around 6 years to reach maturity and can be found the valleys of Durango thriving amongst the shade of mountains and cliffs. Although it comes from the same family as Oaxaca’s Espadín, this agave differs greatly in appearance, size and taste.