Mezcal Cenizo Colonial - Temoaya


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Mezcal Cenizo Colonial - Temoaya
Mezcal Cenizo Colonial - Temoaya

Size: 750ml

Agave: Cenizo

Village: San Miguel de Temoaya

State: Durango, Mexico

ABV: 43%

Maestro Distiller: Enrique De la Cruz

Distillery Name (Palenque): Hacienda Dolores

Deep in the Sierra Madre in Mezquital municipality, Durango. There lies a narrow and peaceful valley with a beautiful village called San Miguel de Temoaya with a long tradition of Mezcal production.  It is made up of steep terrain which is particularly low for Durango standards. Being at 1,300m above sea level, Temoaya is rather humid and hot, and provides different climate conditions in which Agaves develop, even those of the same species found in the more predominant highlands. This is why, when you try a Mezcal made from Agave Cenizo from this region, it'll taste almost entirely different to one made anywhere else. Both are exquisite, but also both have forged their own character from enduring two very different but equally harsh and extreme climate conditions. Our partner in Temoaya are the De la Cruz family, who have been producing Mezcal for many generations.

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Mezcal Cenizo Colonial - Temoaya
Mezcal Cenizo Colonial - Temoaya