Mezcal Derrumbes Oaxaca


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Derrumbes Oaxaca Mezcal 700ml
Derrumbes Oaxaca Mezcal 700ml

Size: 700ml

Agave: Espadin 70% - Tobala 30%

Village: Santiago Matatlan

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: 47.5%

Master Distiller: Javier Mateo

Distillery Name (Palenque): Derrumbes NOM-F283D

Cooking: Underground stone out, black oak

Extraction: Tahona

Fermentation: Wood vats with fibre and Pulque as yeast starter 

Distillation: Copper pot still

Maturation: 60 days minimum in glass


Mezcal Derrumbes Oaxaca showcases the rich biodiversity of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico through its ensemble which combines two of Oxaca's most representative Agave species - Espadín and Tobalá. Derrumbes Oaxaca is produced by the skilful hand of third generation agave farmer and Maestro Javier Mateo and his family in the town of Santiago Matatlán. This Mezcal is pit roasted with black oak and tahona ground, it goes through a wild fermentation using Pulque (natural agave ferment) as aid and water from the ancestral Zapotec town of Mitla. The result is a round, full body Mezcal with a light smokiness that gives way to its minerality and delicate fruitiness.

Each expression from the Mezcal Derrumbes range represents various Mezcal producing states throughout Mexico. Each state was chosen to highlight the traditions, terroir and style of the region where it was made. 

Derrumbes Oaxaca Mezcal 700ml
Derrumbes Oaxaca Mezcal 700ml