Mezcal Lagrimas de Dolores Cenizo Joven (Vintage Label)


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Size: 700ml

Agave: Cenizo

Village: Mezquital

State: Durango, Mexico

ABV: 45%

Vintage: 2016 

Maestro Distiller: Fabiola Ávila Valenzuela 

Distillery Name (Palenque): Hacienda Dolores


This is the last bottle available in Australia featuring the original Lagrimas De Dolores Cenizo Joven label which arrived in 2015. The core expression within the Lagrimas De Dolores range of Mezcales, making this bottle an amazing vintage label to have within your collection.

Lagrimas de Dolores Cenizo Joven is the face and soul of the Lagrimas de Dolores range. It is produced using 100% Agave Cenizo (Duranguensis), a species endemic to the state of Durango, Mexico that takes up to 14 years to reach full maturity. Agave Cenizo grows in large numbers throughout the mountain range of Durango and gets its name from the ash-green colour on its Pencas (leaves). This varietal of Agave can withstand harsh environmental conditions that causes it to concentrate all its sugars and fluids into its core which produces a sweet, creamy and delicious Mezcal. The Agave is cooked for five days in an underground pit with Encino wood, fermented in pinewood tubs and distilled in copper pot stills.

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