Mezcal Pescador De Suenos Cuishe


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Mezcal Pescador De Suenos Cuishe
Mezcal Pescador De Suenos Cuishe

Size: 700ml

Agave: Cuixe 

Ageing: 1 year matured in glass

Village:  Santiago Matatlan

State: Oaxaca, Mexico

ABV: 50%

Production Size: 25 bottles

Master Distiller:  Lenocio Santiago

Cooking: Horno, conical stone

Fermentation: Sabino wood, open tubs

Distillation: Double distilled in Copper Stills, 2017


Distillery Name (Palenque): Santa Sabia


**Extremely Limited Availability** 

A serious range of Mezcales for serious Agave connoisseurs. This stunning bottle has been hand crafted by local artisans using a glass-lined ceramic bottle which features a horn shaped cap made from resin. An extremely limited, small-batch production, utilizing the wild growing Agave varietals within Oaxaca. This Mezcal is produced following traditional production methods by renowned Maestro Lenocio Santiago in Matatlan, Oaxaca at his Palenque which rests 1,728 meters above see level. The Agave used for this production was harvested at 12 years maturation. 

For the ultimate drinking experience listen to the specially curated playlist: A. Karwinskii for Agave Cuishe. 

"The Pescador De Suenos Theory"

"By drinking Mezcales from different families of Agave, a different effect occurs in our nervous system, which is reflected in different feelings."

- Tio Pesca

Tio Pedro "uncle pesca" the creator of Pescador De Suenos has an extremely scientific and poetic approach to his craft which links his studies of organoleptic composition and Agave. His studies explore how the DNA, terroir, micro weathers and minerals which make up the composition of an Agave contributes a chemical effect on the body, through the release of neurotransmitters, resulting in a sensorial response when consumed. Some neurotransmitters and their effect on our body include Adrenaline and excitation, Dopamine and mental energy, Serotonin and emotional balance. This hypothesis explores the connection with the Agave to who is drinking it and how different varietals of Agave can provoke certain thoughts, feelings and experiences when consumed. Each expression of Agave within the range outlines a sense that is associated with the experience of consuming it. 


Cuishe - A. Karwinskii "Sexual Domain"

"This plant will lead you to experience a sensation of sexual dominance. Cuishe is the spirited mule that with rapture highlights the taste of the sip, its virile rigor is the attribute of its cadent essence"


"The Santa Sabia distillery has created Pescador De Suenos, a project where unique collections of select Mezcales are born. Seeking the rebirth of the mystic and folklore that this Mexican tradition offers. 

Our products are manufactured with the utmost quality, passion and commitment to our ancestral culture. This is a process that begins with our dedicated farmers' care for each plant, continuing on with the touch of our noble Mezcal maestros, all the way until the Mezcales are battled in their characteristic high-temperature ceramic flasks, hand-crafted by virtuous artisans. 

Each Mezcal possesses a unique spirit; it is a result of a mixture of man's labour and the nature of the agaves, rich variables that we treasure through each of the steps involved in its doing until finally consummated, a creation by Pescador de Suenos."

- Pescador De Suenos


Mezcal Pescador De Suenos Cuishe
Mezcal Pescador De Suenos Cuishe