Tequila Calle 23 Añejo (NOM 1545)


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Tequila Calle 23 Añejo (NOM 1545)
Tequila Calle 23 Añejo (NOM 1545)

Size: 750ml

Agave: Blue Weber 

Village: Atotonilco el Alto

State: Jalisco (Ciénega), Mexico 

ABV: 40%

Master Distiller: Sophie Decobecq

Distillery Name (Palenque): Hacienda Capellania, S.A. de C.V

Cooking : Autoclave (low pressure)

Extraction : Roller Mill

Fermentation : Stainless steel tanks

Still : Copper Pot

Calle 23 Tequila is a 100% agave tequila, which reflects the truest expression of the 100% pure agave flavourSoured from the highlands of Jalisco between the town of Tepatitlan and Arandas, the Blue Agave plants are carefully selected. In this terroir the agave benefits from hot and dry sunny periods, which are followed by heavy rainy seasons and fertile soil high in minerals; which gives birth to richer and higher quality agaves that take between 7 to 9 years to reach full maturity. 

Calle 23 is a highland Tequila from Jalisco. Its creator, French-born biochemist Sophie Decobecq, distils each expression separately (Blanco, Reposado, Aejo) to its own special recipe. Her tequilas are double-distilled and she uses Bourbon casks from Kentucky. The blanco (unaged) is a wonderfully clean palate with good agave, crisp apple and sweet tropical fruit notes (pineapple and ripe pear).




Tequila Calle 23 Añejo (NOM 1545)
Tequila Calle 23 Añejo (NOM 1545)