Tequila G4 Blanco


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Size: 750ml

ABV: 40%

Agave: 100% Blue Webber

Village: Jesús María 

State: Jalisco, Mexico (Highlands)

Master Distiller: Felipe John Camarena

Distillery Name (Palenque):  El Pandillo

Cooking: Stone/Brick Oven

Extraction: Tahona

Fermentation: Open-air steel tanks without fibres

Distillation: Copper Pot

Tequila G4 is making a noticeable appearance on the backbars of some of the finest restaurants & bars around Australia. The family behind G4 is also behind renowned brands such as Tequila Ocho & Tequila Pasote. The true essence of terroir is reflected through single-estate grown Agave and naturally harvested rain water which results in a unique and pure Tequila Blanco. 

“I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles. I’m in the business of making great tequila.” – Felipe Camarena


"The purest expression of Blue Weber agave, our Blanco is authentic and approachable with a delicate minerality and gentle aroma derived from agave and spring water from our own farm, collected rainwater, and our Grandfather’s yeast. These are the only ingredients in G4. Clear, crisp flavors and a silky texture make it a hit with tequila lovers across the board." - Tequila G4

The Camerena family have been crafting 100% Agave Tequila since 1937, the name G4 representing the four generations. Felipe Camarena and his sons honour their rich heritage through this range of artesanally produced Tequilas. Felipe Camarena, often referred to as "the mad scientist" combines his family heritage of 4 generations of Tequila production with his engineering background and passion for the environment to create a sustainable and efficient distillery in the highlands of Jalisco. 

One of the main resources when distilling Tequila is water which puts an incredible strain on the environment; On average, it takes 10 litres of water to produce 1 litre of Tequila. Felipe's distillery has been built to capture the naturally running rain water to utilize in his production. Tequila G4 is comprised of 50% rainwater and 50% spring water which gives this Tequila and incredible nose and palate; the fresh rain water offering a minerality and earthiness you won't find in most Tequilas.

The Camarena family are also behind Tequila Ocho, a renowned brand amongst Tequila drinkers and enthusiasts. Tequila Pasote and Tequila Ocho are both single estate grown and produced Tequilas. Felipe grows and harvests his agaves locally from his own fields within Jesus Maria where his distillery lies. The true essence of terroir is delivered through this single estate experience which is accentuated through artesanal production methods and the craft of Felipe Camarena's production style.