Tequila Ocho Reposado - 2015 Loma Alta


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Tequila Ocho Reposado - 2015 Loma Alta
Tequila Ocho Reposado - 2015 Loma Alta

Size: 750ml

Agave: Tequila Weber (Blue Agave)

Village: Arandas 

State: Jalisco, Mexico

Age: American White Oak barrels

ABV: 40%

Master distiller: Carlos Camarena 

Distillery Name (Palenque): La Altena, Arandas

Cooking : Stone/Brick Ovens 

Extraction : Roller Mill 

Water Source : Natural spring water 

Fermentation : Wood fermentation tanks, 100% agave, Open-air fermentation

Distillation : 2x distilled in Copper Pots

This vintage of Tequila Ocho Reposado comes from Loma Alta estate, situated about 1km east from Ocho's distillery, La Alteña. This field is average 2,047 meters altitude on a hill oriented south. The name translates to “high hill” and comes from being at the highest elevation of the ranch around the Distillery. The agave was 6.5 years of age at the moment of harvesting, planted in rows East-West oriented. Fertile red soil rich in iron and potassium, which provided average 27% sugar content to the Agave piñas that results in a palette of stone fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, wood, spice and earth. 

A rare and collectable vintage Tequila, Ocho is a single-estate grown, small-batch tequila produced as the result of a partnership between two Tequila aficionados, Tomas Estes and Carlos Camarena. Ocho Tequila is produced exclusively from Agave from Carlos and Tomas' own fields, and crafted in small-batches to ensure quality and consistency across each distillation. Tequila Ocho demonstrates that “terroir” exists in agave, it is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the family grown agaves were sourced. Each batch comes from a different field or "rancho" contributing distinctive characteristics of that place. Each estate, or “rancho” produces a limited amount of agave which makes each vintage of Ocho both rare and collectable. Ocho is a meeting of the passion, experience, and knowledge between Estes and the Camarena family, resulting in the finest tequila possible.

Tequila Ocho Reposado - 2015 Loma Alta
Tequila Ocho Reposado - 2015 Loma Alta