Tequila Terralta Reposado


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Size: 750ml

ABV: 40%

Agave: 100% Blue Webber

Village: Jesús María 

State: Jalisco, Mexico (Highlands)

Master Distiller: Felipe John Camarena

Distillery Name (Palenque):  El Pandillo

Cooking:  Custom made stone oven

Extraction: Mechanical Tahona ( 8t converted steam roller)

Fermentation: Open-air steel tanks without fibres 

Distillation: Custom copper pot

Ageing: 4 months in ex-George Dickel Tennessee whiskey barrels (American white oak)


Terralta - "highlands" refers to this Tequilas origin. This is a 100% natural, artesanally produced Tequila with no additives; Experience the true essence of terroir with every sip. Felipe's mastery of ageing in the production of this Tequila gives you the embodiment of time spent in barrel without overpowering the notes of its primary Blanco form. Felipe carries out a very light barrel toast on first use barrels prior to utilising them for the ageing process which results in this Tequilas light colour and flavour influence; Felipe purposefully accelerates the wear of his barrels so it's contributing woodiness is not the main profile of his aged expressions. 

Tequila Terralta was founded in 2011 and is produced from 100% single-estate grown Agave from Jesús María in los altos (Tequila highlands) region of Jalisco where it is crafted nearby at El Pandillo distillery by Maestro Felipe Camarena. Felipe is also known for his craft behind the production of renowned Tequila brands such as G4 and Pasote which are also produced at El Pandillo. You may already be familiar with the Camarena family through their production of highly distinguished Tequila Ocho. 

Felipe Camarena, often referred to as "the mad scientist" combines his family heritage of 4 generations of Tequila production and 6 generations of planting Agave with his engineering background and passion for the environment to create a sustainable and efficient distillery in the highlands of Jalisco. During the harvesting of the Agave for this Tequila, the Jimadores take out the stem from the male Agave plant as it adds bitterness to the end result. 

One of the main resources when distilling Tequila is water, which puts an incredible strain on the environment; On average, it takes 10 litres of water to produce 1 litre of Tequila. Felipe's distillery has been built to capture the naturally running rain water to utilize in his production. 

What makes Terralta Tequila unique to any of Felipe's other brands is its water source of 100% deep well water. Naturally harvested rain-water is captured into a 140m deep well which is utilized during the fermentation process, adding to the texture and viscosity you don't find with most additive-free Tequilas.

The Ph level as a result of this water source is also unique to his other brands: "it's our more neutral tequila, and has less acidity, than our other brands. To me, there's an aroma of fresh rain in the Blanco, maybe from the higher alkaline level" - Felipe Camarena 

Felipe also uses the same natural yeast for fermentation that his grandfather used to use over 80 years ago. In Felipe’s words:

We don’t like adding anything that is not natural or could change its natural flavour or aromas.” - Felipe Camarena

This expression of Terralta is ideal for Tequila enthusiasts searching for a Reposado that carries a light barrel influence whilst still offering the subtle complexities driven by its Blanco form. If you're new to Agave and have a preference for something with a bit of barrel influence this is a great choice as Felipe's ageing process does not overpower and still contributes the subtle woodiness and roundness attributed to a quality Reposado Tequila; either way you're sure to be impressed. The palate is has a fruity, spicy, sweet agave profile, with a pinch of smoke.