Tlaquepaque Hand-Blown Glass Copitas


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These Hand-Blown Glass Copita's are produced in the town of Tlaquepaque in Jalisco, Mexico. This area is very well known for its hand-blown glass. 



Copitas or "little cups" are derived from the traditions of Mezcal production where the Maestro Distiller (Master Distiller) would use a Jicara (drinking vessel made from tree bark or natural material)  to measure the ABV of their liquid by calculating the pearls (air bubbles) that appeared on the surface after the Mezcal had been poured into the vessel. The Jicara would then be passed around to sample and taste which went on to become a traditional Mezcal drinking vessel used outside of just production.  



These stunning, multi-coloured, glass Copita's make the perfect drinking vessel for your Tequila or Mezcal and display beautifully.