Vaso Veladora Mezcal Glasses


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Size: 80ml capacity

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

These glasses were traditionally used in Catholic churches to contain prayer candles; upon placing a coin in the donation box, churchgoers would light a candle so they could say a prayer for someone. Each vaso has a crucifix imprinted on its base reflecting its original purpose. Somewhere along the line, churchgoers in Oaxaca began "borrowing" them after church and using them to drink Mezcal; a whole new tradition was born in connection to the Vaso Veladoras

The shape of these glasses makes them easily portable and extremely difficult to break. The relation between where the glasses come from, their original purpose and the religious traditions of Mezcal in regards to where and when it is drank, serves a deeper meaning when drinking from one of these vasos; the idea being that you are reminded of your mortality with every sip and each sip is to honour or celebrate a specific moment/occasion.